Do We Still Keep Diaries and Journals?


The value of keeping a personal diary is simply priceless; with your thoughts, secrets, memories and emotions thrown in, it might be the very best ever confidant!

The past generations, if you glance at it, then were greatly keen about keeping diaries and journals, as they found it an appealing yet engaging approach to stay accounts of their daily happenings. But this will not seem to be the case with the present generation who would like to keep pace with the latest in today’s tech; today what’s in is microblogging, online diaries and the like. If reality is mentioned, the power of keeping a journal and the pride that it gives is beyond words may say and is seldom matched with one or more of these new era mock-diaries or journals making your daily life so transparent to the world.

Why Should We Keep A Diary?

The fact that there are already a hell lot of things on your lifetime that isn’t meant for the public to be understood or see is exactly what makes journal writing therefore dear now. If you haven’t considered it ever earlier, keeping a diary is a simple yet effective way to create some kind of coordination to people life. The reason may possibly vary why you write a journal; some might prefer it like a list of the life and phenomena of life, where as some find it as a method of self analyzation and self-development where the internal thought can be considered and thoughts may be examined tagebuch mit schloss.

Some even takeup diary writing as a means to better their calligraphy and there is likewise the fun lot, who do intermittent journal writing as a means of mental relaxation and period pass.

The Way to Keep a Diary?

To start with diary writing, whatever you need is to pick a journal which you would feel as writing on. Many like to keep it plain and simple, however a few desire their diaries to be more special only like the content it is going to possess. Diaries these days come in various shapes, types etc out of designer diaries to embossed journals, refillable ones, locking diaries, quoted journals and even the hottest eco-friendly diaries, there’s an option for everyone.

One that you have your diary in hand then it’s only about getting into the custom, rest all will fall in position. When it is poetical, ordinary, Shakespearian or flowery, you may write just like nobody is reading. How often you write and what you write is all your freedom.

Keep in mind, there is not anything near keeping your own diary or journal to speak your mind’s voice, coz it will soon be and remain forever your ideal confidant for those times in the future!