Bring the beloved


Bring the beloved of the important action And Most people are looking for the right way
Bring the beloved with salt and pepper very great irritation This love is one of the greatest secrets of the great love is brought with salt and pepper Now bring 7 granules of black pepper in the case brought the man to the woman, but if the opposite is a pepper and also bring in both cases 7 pieces of rough salt.
And we write the paper in the name of God the Merciful
“Those who seduced believers and believers and then did not repent, then they will have the torment of Hell and the torment of fire”
And trust on whom you want to bring “any name you want” on three papers and put every day and paper on fire and within the three days or nights only come to your beloved God willing and help the cutter do not Ttnon in Arabic called جلب الحبيب Bring the beloved in the form of beloved ways I have a lot if you want to bring the beloved to marry this way bring the image of the person you want and the number of 7 pins and a red candle box belonging to the fetus lover before you lit the candle written on the next letter Altasmh God willing, N – f and – uh “by the longitudinal any dig with the pin, after which the seven pins are available, you have the pin, which is used to write it on the red candle, light the candle after the second stitch in the heart, the third pin on the right side of the chest with its own picture and the fourth in the head And the fifth in his head from the north and the sixth in his eye Only the right and not the north always cherish and say one time before stitches with the opening of the candle Aljbo and the heart of the heart of the son of his son so he has a daughter, so what Fire Oqdh O pins
There is a claim to bring the beloved which is strong and its effect is good
Prayers depend on time and place
There are supplications based on incense and salt must be observed
All this and more you can read at the site
Of course we will teach you how to do all this in the right way

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